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It is my prayer that, as one chosen to lead God’s people, “you would deepen your knowledge of the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge so that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.”

The Center for Leadership and Spiritual Formation was founded in 1998, formerly as Servant Shepherd Ministries, for this purpose – to support and serve pastors and other church leaders as they fulfill their calling in the Lord.

Available from the Center for Leadership and Spiritual Formation are the following:

  • One on one leadership coaching;
  • Confidential counseling, including career counseling;
  • Mentoring in spiritual formation
  • Training for ministry teams;
  • Strengthening interpersonal relationships among ministry team members;
  • Creating shared visions for enhanced ministry effectiveness;
  • Tools for enhanced managerial effectiveness

Our Mission Statement

  • To support spiritual formation for Church leaders and organizational transformation for their institutions.
  • To help Church leaders align themselves and their institutions with Kingdom-based purposes, principles and practices.
  • To enable ministry teams to balance missional purposes with personal develop.
  • To provide crisis intervention for leadership teams experiencing interpersonal dysfunction.


  • ”10

    The Servant Shepherd Leadership Indicator (SSLI), is a fully validated leadership assessment instrument. You can use it to gather anonymous feedback on your own biblical leadership practices. Click here to read more about SSLI

  • ”Becoming

    We offer a one day seminar entitled Becoming a Servant Shepherd Leader, that can be taught to your own staff so they can carry the principles of biblical leadership throughout your church or organization in the most cost effective manner.


Leadership Coaching Tools


  • The SSLI has been a wonderful tool for both my Christian and personal growth. I have truly enjoyed this and felt if was presented in a very clear, understandable and especially biblical way. Thank you.”Lay

  • This was fabulous. It should be offered again and again. Great content and presentation. This was absolutely the best! Thank You! This was the best seminar I attended.”Vision

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