Conference Speaking

Thank you for your time with us. We got MANY positive comments about you and what you shared. You did a tremendous job and you added a ton to the conference. I feel that God is already doing a great deal in your ministry. You have the best leadership model I have seen from both a secular and a Christian standpoint. I will keep you in my prayers.
– Betsy, HR/OD, Campus Crusade, CMA conference

The session you taught was one of the top highlights of my week! It was so refreshing to hear practical leadership information grounded firmly in scripture.
-Kevin,  Jesus Video Project, Campus Crusade

This was fabulous. It should be offered again and again. Great content and presentation. This was absolutely the best! Thank You! This was the best seminar I attended
-Jim, Vision New England Equip Conference

My Memorial Day weekend was spent reading hundreds of workshop evaluations from Orlando, and I was impressed with the feedback we got from your workshop. You are a skilled presenter, and I wanted you to know how much we appreciate your contribution to CMA and to our conference.
-Shelley,  Manager,  Christian Management Assoc.

Seminar Feedback

It’s great that our church is proactively thinking about leadership and offering a course to address the issues which can cause so much conflict within a church. The idea that the “heart cannot, not worship” made a HUGE impact on me. Really forced me to look at the motives in my heart. I know it won’t stop after this session. Another important takeaway is that prominence does not equal significance. Last takeaway is an understanding of the default settings of my heart. I think there is a great balance between the content and conversation in this course. Really enjoyed and appreciated having the scriptures within the workbook.

My three most important takeaways are to love those leaders that do not demonstrate the servant shepherd model. I must continually keep my motives in check (love) so that my manner of relating to others and the methods I use are biblically based. I have to get rid of those “5 extra commandments” that I have created! This course was great. Interaction very beneficial.
Theology right-on. Very understandable. Just long enough. Instructor’s knowledge of the subject is obviously comprehensive — this will have Incredible impact on the Christian and secular worlds!

My takeaways are the Biblical leadership model – a great frame of reference; tools to examine my mental model and motives and keep my heart pure; conviction on my current motives; discussions we held on reconciling what we’re called to do biblically in a leadership role and what the world expects of us (in a secular workplace.) Thanks Rich! Since I really had no idea what “biblical leadership” was it has been a great course for me. The idea of servant shepherd leader (verses just a shepherd) and the idea that a leader doesn’t necessarily hold a “title”. This course was great – very informative, helpful and well done.

Servant Shepherd Leadership Indicator (SSLI)

The SSLI has been a wonderful tool for both my Christian and personal growth. I have truly enjoyed this and felt if was presented in a very clear, understandable and especially biblical way. Thank you. My most important take away is to always examine the motives of my heart and make sure they are correct.
The SSLI has made me more sensitive to the needs of those I lead. The model is ingenious. It will, I know, help me grow closer to the Lord.
-Bill, Lay Leader

The SSLI was very insightful into my current practices. My practices weren’t too far off the mark of where they should be. I need to rely on God more to build my self-confidence, vision, and strategies to implement these practices. The course greatly aided me in giving me a blueprint for a proper leadership philosophy. The course helped in pointing out parts of my own life that I have to give up to God to be a more effective leader at home, and in work.
-Rebecca, Lay Leader

Our missionary agency has attempted several times in recent years to use different 360 degree inventories in order to identify persons in our organization for potential leadership positions, for leadership development, and for the process of strategic planning. We have never been satisfied with the results. One more try put us in touch with Rich Rardin and the Servant Shepherd Leadership Inventory. It has become exactly what we have been looking for. We have used the Inventory now and have also taken advantage of Rich and his Becoming A Servant Shepherd Leader seminar. Excellent! I would recommend both without reservation.
-Dr. Jim, OMS International

Leadership Coaching

Rich, you have enriched my life greatly over the last two days. I can’t wait to share what I have learned with the Leadership Council here at Cornerstone. I am confident that the insight gained from your will paved the way for needed change in my performance as pastor and personally. I am lifted up and excited about what God is doing both in and through me. It was already in process before our meeting, but the time we spend together crystallized the process so that I see it clearly and will be able to help others do so as well. Thanks! I don’t know specifically how you impacted the lives of the others who were present. If you touched them even half as much as you did me…. What can I say? You are a special servant of our Lord and dear brother. Thank you for touching us all.
-Chuck,  Pastor, Cornerstone Church

I just want to say that our meeting a few weeks ago and working through the leadership model has had a very positive impact on me. My boss and I met this morning to talk about my leadership and to discuss what I am learning. It was very good. Thanks for taking the time to come by!! I continue to be impacted by the material and have seen evidence of its impact in my leadership of the People Development Team.
-Phil, International Teams

Rich, thanks so much for the investment you made in the work of the Kingdom by helping us this week. It was a real joy to meet you and to be blessed by your gracious and transparent equipping. We are better men and better servants because of your labors in the SSLI process. Specifically, I see the historical and current struggle in your own life to live the things you teach. POWERFUL. Bless you brother. Each of us are better men and better positioned to help other kingdom agents become effective in seeing the church thrive.
-Tom, Pastor