What is a 360° Leadership Survey?

The term 360° survey comes from a comparison to a compass, i.e., it reflects a survey that is answered by people from all around you. Not only do you complete a survey on yourself, but you ask your manager to complete it, your peers and those you manage. So you get feedback from all directions, hence 360°.

Introduction to the Servant Shepherd Leadership Indicator

The Servant Shepherd Leadership Indicator, or SSLI, is the first and, quite possibly, only fully validated leadership survey based solely on Scriptural principles. The SSLI grew out of the leadership ministries of Walnut Hill Community Church in Bethel, Connecticut, in 1997. Leaders in churches and missions agencies use it for three purposes. To refine their own biblical leadership, to teach staff members the central tenets of servant shepherd leadership, and to train lay leaders in a model of leadership that can be carried with confidence into the secular work world. Christian business people can choose the business version of the SSLI, the BenchStrength Leadership Survey.

Download the 10 Steps to your SSLI Profile

A Biblical Model of Leadership

Undergirding the Servant Shepherd Leadership Indicator is a biblical model of leadership based on the two strongest images of a leader, that of a servant and of a shepherd. Both images are powerful metaphors of what Kingdom leadership should look like. A servant serves the purposes of God in the lives of individuals that he/she leads. A shepherd courageously engages the flock or group in accomplishing the purposes of God for that group. Both tasks are essential for biblical leadership to honor God. For a more detailed consideration of the Servant Shepherd model of leadership, refer to the article entitled, “A Biblical Framework for Leadership: The Key to Unlocking God’s Point of View on Leading.”

What is involved in completing a SSLI Leadership Profile?

Some people choose to complete only a self-assessment of their biblical leadership practices and do not ask others for feedback. Others want to benefit from knowing how they are perceived so they can learn how to make adjustments in their leadership initiatives. Their intent is to grow as leaders and to model the importance of a teachable heart. They know that they are not perfect leaders, as if anyone were, and have the strength of character to listen to anonymous feedback on ways they could be more effective. They realize that it is not a sign of weakness to ask for feedback but, on the contrary, a sign of strength to entertain the well-intentioned views of those they lead.

When you decide to request an SSLI profile, simply indicate your interest via an email or by calling the numbers listed in Contact Us. A complete set of instructions will be sent to you by email, including a set of personal passkeys, one for you and one for those who will be giving you feedback. Send the passkey to your contributors and request them to follow the instructions. It is as simple as that. Once you and your contributors have entered the data, The Booth Company will take the results off the web, calculate your results and print your report. Typically, your feedback report can be ready to ship 48 hours after your survey deadline.

Are there conditions when one should not use the Servant Shepherd Leadership Indicator?

But there are times and circumstance when it is not appropriate to use the SSLI.

  • If you are new in your position, people do not have enough time to make an assessment.
  • Likewise, if a considerable number of those you lead are new members on your team or staff, postpone the SSLI until they have learned more about you.
  • The SSLI should never be used as a performance review process. It is meant for professional development purposes only.
  • If there is significant conflict in your church or work environment, postpone the SSLI until after the crisis has passed. Then it can be used as a way to discover how similar situations can be avoided in the future.

How can I see a copy of the Servant Shepherd Leadership Indicator on the web?

To access a sample SSLI, click the link below and follow the login instructions at the welcome screen:

Click here to view the SSLI demo

This will bring up a demonstration survey for Bill Pastor. Scroll through the survey to view all the questions. Then, if you decide you would like additional information or would like to have your own SSLI profile, contact us.

How to sign up for an SSLI Leadership Profile

Contact Us to sign up for your own SSLI or to request a profile for the members of other leaders in your group. Be sure to indicate your email address so we can contact you quickly to begin your profiling process.