I’ve started this blog in order to support those in one of the most challenging of all leadership roles – church pastors. They have been called by God, equipped to preach and hired into pastoral and ministry leadership positions. Yet most will say they have little to no formal training or practical experience in leading. This blog is dedicated to helping these pastors and ministry leaders.

The goal is to serve these servants of God by providing proven management tools, practical experience, organizational savvy and Godly wisdom in the context of a confidential coaching relationship. You’ve read the books, tried to apply the tips and follow the models but found that they don’t help much. Why? The answer is as obvious as it is challenging – your situation has intractable variables that are impossible for the books to specifically address. The multi-layered problems of church leadership involve as many issues of the heart as they do issues of leadership effectiveness. The two cannot be separated. Yet leaders in the Kingdom are called upon to sensitively handle both simultaneously. No other leader in business or industry has as daunting a challenge.

I know. For over 40 years, I’ve coached leaders in the Fortune 500 and in the church of 100 and I can testify that the leadership challenges facing pastors every day are more daunting. And the consequences are not merely measured in the current quarter’s profit and loss statement but have far reaching relational implications and eternal consequences.

My commitment to you is to bring the best of current leadership thinking and practical managerial tools but more importantly a biblically-informed perspective to leading God’s own people in God-glorifying, Christ-exemplifying ways as together we cooperate with the Spirit’s priority that all are to grow up into Christ. The leadership challenges pastors face everyday are the contexts He uses to perfect the saints, including the pastor.

If you are facing leadership challenges within your ministry team, within the church, or even within your own family, please let me know. You can be assured that you will not be given simplistic solutions or formulaic answers. On the contrary, we’ll pray together, laugh together, weep together and find a path forward that is as God-glorifying as it is spiritually formative for all involved. Here is my number – 203-426-2377.